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The Retire Now Movement: Options For Retiring At All Ages

October 01, 2021

According to Buddha, you are at peace when living in the present. Given this Buddhist guidance for achieving mind and body health, the “Retire Now” movement is worth considering at all ages and stages of life. Envisioning retirement now in life helps people understand what makes them happy and towards what they are working.

Retirement Now In Your 20’s Sets Sails Due North

The '20s are a life-changing time when you realize the world is larger and more challenging than the previous academic years. Imagining retiring at this young age is essential for identifying life goals and how working will get you there.

Examining lifestyle goals can span from traveling the world and accumulating real estate to raising a large family or living alone on an island. This vision for your future may help shape how you work, save, and live in the now. It can also save many years of spinning your wheels in the wrong direction, which is a real-time exercise worth strengthening every day.

Living In The Retire Now Mentality In Your ‘30s Puts Priorities First

Envisioning retiring in the '30s provides a different insight related to priorities versus goals. The “retire now” exercise in this decade can detect if how you live, today aligns with the awareness you gained in your twenties identifying your long-term goals.

The beauty of living "now" in the thirties affords a person the opportunity to stop and start again. It's easy to lose sight of your priorities at this age when being pulled in so many different directions. And if you are so busy working, then you cannot see the light in the now. If you aren't living your retirement vision right now, pivot and prioritize, so you are living your goals every day.

Another benefit of living the “retirement now” movement in the '30s is it can put financial planning at the forefront. As income breaks away from expenses, a little wealth is acquired. This proverbial nest egg goes towards investments, homes, insurances, leisure, or all the above.

The “retire now” view in this decade also provides a clear picture of what is realistic. Professionally you may see a path towards upper management or perhaps a career change. So put your now vision from the twenties into the now again!

Up Next Is Retire Now Mindset For The Forties

At the roughly halfway mark to retirement, focusing on the “retire now” mindset in the '40s is essential. Envisioning retiring now at this stage of life allows a person to confirm if they are on a financial track trending in their “now” visions of the previous decades.

The forties "now" perspective is another opportunity to carpe diem and reinvent yourself if you realize that you are not working towards the goals of your twenties and the priorities of your thirties.

It is gratifying to examine where you are now in your forties. You can also evaluate the aging of the generations before and after you to help identify if you are living your best life now. And if you are starting to make more money, now is the time to reap what you sow and enjoy life today.

Retire Now Is Closer Now In The '50s

The fifties are a transformative decade. It is when to take finances seriously to set yourself up for a lifetime. The “retire now” light is even brighter in the ‘50s so there is a lot to see.

Now at top-earning potential, the fifties are when to make up for insufficiencies in your savings. It is a time to put in order the finances for living your retirement vision from the twenties. Are you investing in a vacation home, selling the family home, or pulling the suitcase out for the quiet island vibe?

And from a career standpoint, can you now see your legacy where you are working ? Perhaps it is now when you may pursue the passion project you envisioned in the twenties. Again, taking a "retirement now" focus reveals the opportunities for the present day to achieve the visions from the previous decades.

The "retire now" period after the age of 50 is dynamic and diverse. It is when people pay for your experience, so capitalize if that is the present of the now. In the fifties, you are also still young enough to do something entirely new, and now you know for sure what you can do.

And if you have the discretionary income to retire as you desire, then retire now!

Now To Retire Now In The 60’s And Older

The “retire now” of 2021 is new for those in their sixties and above. The opportunity to retire may be here now. Or it is now when you may answer an often-eye-opening question – if you are retiring from something or to something.

At this stage, the "retire now" life may also be a financial stress test to examine if savings and assets are in place for the ideal retirement. By working closely with a financial advisor, now is when to determine if you have enough to retire, a plan to optimize assets, or perhaps another option is the unexpected now of the present.

Determining What Is Your Retire Now Lifestyle

According to Buddha, living the "retire now" movement at each decade is a great way to live in the present and peace. This lifestyle mindset is constantly in motion and ensures you are always living your best life, one of health, wealth, and happiness.

To truly experience the "retire now" movement, try experimenting in each decade . Travel to areas you may want to retire. Rent an RV or boat and see if that is your speed. By testing the waters of the "retire now" movement, you are sure to be sailing in the right direction to retire in the lifestyle you desire.

Financially speaking, make sure your retirement lifestyle includes a "retire now" expert in wealth management. These financial planners help you achieve your goals, priorities, and visions to maximize lifestyles every day, in the now and the future.

By Andrew Rosen, Contributor

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