Integrated Advisory Professionals Network Member Disclaimer

SummitPath LLP is a proud and independent member of the Integrated Advisory Professionals Network (IAP Network).

The IAP Network was founded and is administered by Integrated Advisory Professional Network Inc. (“IAPN”). Our membership allows us to access the IAP Network’s broad range of resources so that they can provide the reach and strengths of a national firm to deliver a holistic and Integrated Advisory Experience™ (“IAE”) to their clients.

The IAP Network comprises of independent firms, independent advisors, consultants, and service providers (each an “IAP Network Member”) along with their respective affiliates, who collaborate to offer a diverse range of value-adding services to benefit you.

Though there is cooperation and sharing within the IAP Network and by and amongst the different IAP Network Members and their affiliates, which IAPN helps to promote, they are completely separate and independent businesses and legal entities that are not in any way liable or responsible for acts and omissions of another IAP Network Member or IAPN.

Visit for more information regarding the IAPN, IAP Network Members and their affiliates. The IAP Network trademark is owned by IAPN and licensed to IAP Network Members. The IAP Network's products and services are proprietary to IAPN.